Daughters of God .........Modesty Matters

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Daughters of God ...Modesty Matters

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In the chapters of this book you are going to learn that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. You will discover that you were created by the very hands of God, fashioned and formed by His hands and in His image. You are an original.

You will see how the way you dress is important to God. The way you dress causes people to form an opinion of what kind of person you are. Do they see Christ or the world when they look at you? What does the way we dress say to others?

You will also learn about matters of the heart and how to be healed. I believe through the pages of this book you will see who you really are and how important you are to God.

The clothing we wear and the image we portray speaks volumes. I believe this book will change your thinking about who you are and what you wear. Scripture proves that we are important to God and so is how we dress. Modesty is a matter of the heart as well as appearance. In this book you will discover scriptures that back up these statements. There is truth in the pages of this book. May you see yourself in a new way as you read this book.