The Heart of a Woman

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The Heart of a Woman

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Can God really love me the way the Bible tells me He does? What is a woman?s heart all about? Why is she so emotional? Why is she insecure? Why doesn?t my husband understand me?

If you have ever asked these questions about God, yourself, or your spouse, then this book is for you.

The pages of this book are full of Biblical truths on the love that God has for us. This book will inspire you to be all you can be in Jesus. After you read this book you will understand why you are different than your spouse, how very much God loves you, and why you have struggled with insecurity (if you have).

We all need to understand each other. We cannot give away what we do not have. Through Jesus we have forgiveness, unconditional love, and grace. Once we see these things, believe them, and receive them we will be a new person. Then in turn, we can give these things away to our spouses and others.

May the truths in this book supernaturally change you from the inside out. My prayer is this: That you believe and receive the amazing, unconditional, overwhelming love God has for you!