Jennifer Peikert and her husband Jay, have been married thirty one years, and reside in the Fort Worth, Texas area. They have three wonderful sons, two wonderful daughters-in-law, two beautiful little granddaughters, and one handsome grandson, all who love and serve God faithfully. Jay and Jennifer serve as part of the leadership at Living Word Teaching Center in New Fairview, Texas where they have attended for nine years. Their desire is for people to receive God and the fullness of His love.

It is the desire of Jay and Jennifer Peikert to always Declare the Truth in what they say and how they live. God has called Jennifer to write books declaring the truth of the Word of God making it simple and easy to understand. The First of the books He has called her to write are designed for women. After the first 3 books the remainder will open up to men as well.

They both love the Lord and serve Him faithfully. They have learned through obstacles in life the importance of always putting God first over everything. God must be first in our lives over everything and everyone. God desires to heal us and for us to have heaven on earth. Jay and Jennifer are examples of how being faithful to God can bring you much joy and success in marriage. May the pages of these books encourage, inspire, and lift you up. All of the contents of the books come form the Word of God and life experience.